Filter Regulator FIERP-04

    Product features 

    Air filter regulator combines by filter and regulator,also named air pressure regulator-fier.

    For filter part,it can filter dust,rust and condensate in the compressed air.The filter features new whirlwind

    blade design,with high water diversion efficiency.In addition,it is fitted with a water discharge device.

    Patent design of the rolling diaphragm, so that the output pressure into a perfect curve characteristics,

    with the locator use, so that more stable and reliable locator.

    A variety of installation methods, easy to install.

    Low-temperature products can be used under -50.

    We can provide manual drainage, stop-gas drainage and automatic drainage as required by customers.

    The case stainless steel or ceramic treatment can be provided according to the working condition.

    According to the requirements of the customer, we can provide products in the range of 0-35psi, 0-60psi and 0-125psi.


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