Pneumatic Actuator FIERP-03


    FIERP series model of gear rack type pneumatic actuator is integrated the latest technology, practical materials and innovative design features, based on a test, development and design.


    Our quality products have the following characteristics

    ·Strong reliability

    ·High performance

    ·Products of various specifications to choose more economical and convenient

    ·Full compliance with the latest international standards

    ·Widely used anticorrosive surface of high level technology

    ·Beautiful and compact, modern design



    1Pressing the aluminum cylinder block, both inside and outside the anticorrosion measures. The fine grinding cylinder surface longer service life, lower friction coefficient.

    2Dual piston rack and pinion design makes the structure compact, the installation seat symmetry, long service life, quick action, through a simple reversal of the piston can change the steering on the scene.

    3Outer 2 independent stroke adjustment screw can be convenient and accurate ±4°in the 2 direction adjustment, make the execution mechanism is consistent in the fully open position and the closed position and the position of the valve.

    4Universal, the fracture resistance of the output shaft. Mutual conversion convenient for parallel square and diagonal square, flexible  install valve.

    5Integrated compact design for double and single acting actuator model, all have the same cylinder block and cylinder head, reduce the product spare parts, through the installation of spring, to conduct on-site conversion.

    6Rack and piston on the composite bearing and guide ring: can realize precise operation, low friction and long life, prevent output shaft fracture.

    7The combination of pre load spring: spring base coating is suitable for various occasions. more secure, anti corrosion.

    8High profile accuracy of gear and rack: the meshing clearance smaller, gear and rack more accurate, large output power.

    9Nickel plating, fracture resistance, bearing guide integrated gear design improves safety and maximum service life.

    10Selecting high-quality bearings, good tightness and low coefficient of friction, long life, wide range of usage temperature.

    11The long-term corrosion of internal and external stainless steel fasteners.

    12Full compliance with the latest international specifications: ISO5211/DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845, good interchangeability and the installation of solenoid valves, limit switches and other accessories and convenient NUMAR standard.

    13Through the cylinder internal special limit block, actuator provides specific rotation angle.


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